Chairman's Message: An energy saga

Since its inception in 2012, the company's business has demonstrated it's ability to outperform it's own growth record. Projections for the next few years indicate the expansion is set to continue.

The renewable energy sector is the backbone of the world's economy that offers a framework to exercise the environmental stewardship. The ever-growing demand for electricity has made the public & private industries to put in conscious efforts to produce and utilize as much as clean energy as possible. The need of the hour is to generate green power from renewable energy resources.

At Prerana, we have taken it upon ourselves to become the forerunners to illuminate the world with energy requirement from renewable resources. The sustainability in our vision and social responsibility in our mission would help conserve the resources for generations to come. Renewable Energy sources has a lot of potential as it is inexhaustible, cost-effective and very efficient. What could be a better way than to return something back to mother earth as a responsible corporate citizen!

We look forward to carve paths into new sectors of infrastructure & services and aim to excel in all our initiatives.

Chairman & Managing Director
Prerana Energy Corporation (P) Ltd